When Life Shuts A Door… Open It Again

Good day to all of you readers and I hope you’re doing great wherever you are right now. Where you able to read my last blog entitled “When They Say You Can’t, Show Them That You Can”? Well, I hope you did and I have inspired 1 of you, which is my ultimate goal. Just like this new blog which I’m gonna share to all you. Let’s inspire each other, okay?

Was there a moment in your life where a door was shut close right in front of you? Where you offended and started slamming the door to open, or you felt humiliated and just walk away? Well, in that situation how should we react and what’s the best thing to do? I guess, it all depends on the situation and the reason. Let’s me write down some situations I personally experience where I felt door/s was shut for me and how I dealt with it.


There’s this company, which I was really hoping to get in, and I made sure that I will present myself in my utmost best every time I step into their beautiful and amazing office. When I applied online through a job-hunting website (I don’t know if you call it that way) I was thrilled to receive a call and a text message that I was invited for an initial interview for the position I was really eyeing for, and I told myself that I should keep calm and be ready for it because it will be happening the next day. So here I was, early for the call time and ready for the initial assessment that day, and once the HR staff called me inside a room for the interview, my heart was beating fast, as fast as my “ex” left me hehe. Kidding aside, as the interview was ongoing I was very optimistic that I will pass this initial process and move on, which surprisingly I did. Lucky me, right? And as I was scheduled for another interview which was the final or last step, I was both happy and nervous because I’m almost there in reaching my dream company with a job that I would love to do.

As the day of the final interview was there in front me, my knees were shaking as I step into the room for the final panel interview. Was this a thesis defense? Nah it’s just the interview, and as it was going smoothly and I already reached the last question, I answered it confidently with a heart. And just like any other job applications, the waiting game is on. Few days after, a week almost pass, there’s still no feedback and at the back of my mind I said, it was a NO. So to make things clearer for me, I made a follow-up and I was expecting for a NO answer but sadly it didn’t happen. To my surprise, the reason I didn’t hear from them on the said date they promised, it’s because the company decided to cancel the position opened and decided to get someone internally. What a lame excuse right? I wasted my money going here and there and a lot more. And honestly, I had a hard time sending my applications again after that because it didn’t happen just once, not even twice, or thrice, well it happened several times. Doors of opportunities keep shutting down on me, and I was feeling devastated week after week after week. But after quite some time I was able to move on and try again.

Business Opportunity

There came a point in my life that I felt working on corporate setting isn’t really for me. I felt the rejection one after another pulled me down and took away my confidence. So instead of dwelling on it, I felt that I have to move on and open my eyes in a different direction and re-direct my path into a new path which is having my own business.

At first, I thought if you have money business will just be like a walk in the park, but that wasn’t the case for me. And besides, I don’t have much funds during that time and all I have a small amount of money to start this new venture. Aside from that, it’s a one man show on my case, I have to conceptualize the business from scratch, I have to do the marketing, I have to do everything on my own.

I thought of reselling items, I thought of coming up with my own creations, but I end up selling foods that I personally love to cook and share with my family and friends. Since cooking baked macaroni and lasagna was my winning dishes, I started with those two items on my menu list and as times goes by it has to evolve and new dishes should be added. Though it wasn’t easy starting from scratch because I don’t have much funds and I don’t know if other people will appreciate it and enjoy the dishes that I cook, but gladly people welcomed me with an open arms with my business venture and it’s almost 3 years since I started my business Joven’s Oven (check my Facebook Page and Instagram Account). Thankfully my business is surviving and has its own followers and loyal customers and hopefully it will last a lifetime, because it uplifts me when people appreciate the food I prepare and getting those feedbacks gives me the encouragement to keep going and I will.

So remember this, if one door closes, it’s not the end for you and you should not feel hopeless. If he first door that you think will open up for you and welcome you freely, then it turned out to be the other way around, don’t be sad right away maybe it’s the wrong door. And remember that there are a lot of doors for you to open if you will just continue seeking and continually knocking until you find it. Keep knocking and opening doors of opportunities until you find the right one for you, He has BIG plans for you.

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