Get Knocked Down…Fight Back Gently

Hello again everyone! It feels so good to write a blog because it’s one way, for me, to release all the stress away. At the same time it is my way of giving back, by inspiring others through my personal experience in good times and bad times and how I get through it all. So I hope you can spread the word about my blog and follow me, leave a comment (good and bad are welcome), and your thoughts as well, thank you. So let me start and fight back! 🙂

Is fighting back good or bad? Well, it depends on the reason why you are doing it, that’s just my opinion. Because there are times in our lives that we are hit badly with problems and situations that triggers us to our limits. How do we react? How do we get even? Should we feel down? I’m pretty sure that all of us will have a different way of taking this situation, and also have our own ways of handling it. But of course what I’m gonna share is something I experienced personally and how I handled the situation and fought back.

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During a time in my life that I nearly lost everything I have (monetary), and no one knew about it because I never told anyone, coz why should I felt it’s not worth sharing. Aside from that, no one felt that I have a problem because despite my current situation you will never see it in my face and in my actions. I guess I’m a pretty good actor right? Want to see my acting skills? I encourage you to visit my Tiktok account, see my videos and you be the judge how good I am haha (Tiktok: marky_joven). But kidding aside, I never told anyone because I’m the cheerful person everyone knows, I’m the happy pill that cracks jokes most of the time, I’m the optimistic guy who sees the good in the bad, and I’m the problem solver to anyone who knows me. So during the time that I was, and at times that I still am facing troubles, I try to find solution and keep it to myself, but one thing I’m sure of and that is I am never alone, which I constantly remind myself. Because I know that my FAITH is bigger than my fears and problems, and I hold on to God’s promise to trust in Him that He will not leave me nor forsake me and He will help me get through it.

So when I was facing adversity, I made sure to hold on to God’s promise and His word was my strength and my motivation to keep moving forward and never stumble.

I must admit during the time that I was knocked down with problems because I was blinded with superficial love, which I thought would complete me, but I was wrong. Yes, I was wrong, because the cause of my fall eventually neglected me as if I’m no one, how sad right? That’s life, and my advice, learn not to expect that promises will be fulfilled because in the end you will just be left hanging by the thread. (Boom! hehe) Maybe for the person or people who made those promises already thought in their lazy mind that they made you a promise already, and it will be too much for them to fulfill it, and on our end let’s not be abusive to think and expect them to make those promises come true.

But going back, because I reached the point that I lost everything and I was already doubting myself that I can still stand up from where I am that time. It was really tough, because I don’t want anyone to know about my situation and let others feel that there’s something wrong, because I was acting brave and I wanted to be alone. I totally forgot that I have my parents, my family, my friends, loved ones and other real people in my life that doesn’t need anything from me to love me back and see my importance. But those people who used me, those just who needs me and recognise me and my importance when they need something, well they never care with what’s happening, which broke my heart. But I’m still thankful to them because of what they did to me I’ve become wiser, and realize that I am strong enough to stand up and fight back coz I still got a lot of fight left in me. So be sure to surround yourself with real people, they maybe few but at least they are real, and remember when no one believes in you and what you can do, those people thinks the other way and will keep supporting you every single day, trust me.

But when God has shaken me, awaken me and made me realise that I’m better than the person that I am during those times, I was so eager to step out of the darkness right away, slowly I was standing up from the ground, and thankfully He gave me a chance to move on and move forward because God loves me and many people loves me starting from my parents, family, friends, loved ones and the real people in my life. Despite the fact that I failed God several times and hurt Him with my wrongdoings, He never left me, and from that point on my relationship with God just got better and stronger. And now, whatever earthquakes that shakes my ground (coz I still am going through things in life), I keep reminding myself to hold on tight and keep my focus on what I should do, and recover slowly but surely and not to dwell on the things that’s pulling me down. I have learned to let go of what had hurt me in the past and let God handle it for me instead from today and the future. Remember, God knows better and He knows what’s best for me and for all of us, so when He says NO take it politely and move forward, and when He says WAIT be patient and trust Him, because at the right time He will say YES and give it to you because that is the BEST time, Marke My Word.

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