Desolation turned Delightful

2017, the year that challenged me the most in totality. The year when I said the words to myself and to God, “I give up” because I felt everything isn’t going my way, when everything seems falling apart, the time that I’m against all odds, it was a moment when I almost lost everything I have, and it’s the time when I got fooled by people whom I mistakenly trust. Indeed it was a tough year particularly in the month of June of 2017, when I’m at the point of giving up. There was a moment where in a week everyday something wrong is happening. It started on a Sunday when I got a call from my credit card provider and I was informed that my credit card got fraud (but until this day, the amount wasn’t returned yet, BPI hello!). Then the following day, Monday, I used my debit card and the money transacted was deducted in my card but the cashier it wasn’t approved (thank you BDO for returning the money), then Tuesday, the food orders have to be cancelled because a problem was encountered with the sauce, then Wednesday I had a problem at work and almost cause me my job, then Thursday I got fooled by a person and took away some of my money which was borrowed. Imagine all those things happening day after day after day in just one week, how would you feel right? Of course, I am only human and I was really hurt in all aspect and I just ask God, why me? why now? but instead of turning my back on Him, I kept my trust and faith in Him and just kept quiet about it, and talk to no one but only to God. Then when I realise I have to share it with someone with me there was only one person that I want to go to at that moment and share what I’m going through, it was my mom. She was the one that came on top of my mind, aside from God, because I know she will not judge me, she will not hate me and I know my mom knows better than me.

thank you

It was a moment that I leaned on her shoulder one morning while we are having a breakfast, and she whispered to my ears, “everything will be ok”. She advised me to stand tall and just refocus in everything that I am doing because she knew that I am better than that and I deserve better as well. She was my source of strength and she was my inspiration. And I also remember that she told me the quote “God never allows pain without a purpose” and from there she challenged me to find my niche, find my strength and find something that will make me happy.

And one thing that really makes me happy is making my mom and my family happy, they are my priority at that moment, because no matter what happens to you in your life, the people who will be behind your back 100% or even 200% will be your family. You can always, as in always run to them in good times and even the bad times, they will be supporting you all the way, that’s aside from your real friends of course who stayed with me as well.

Joven’s Oven
Facebook: Joven’s Oven
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Going back to my “new purpose” and finding my “niche”, I re-discover my love for cooking. And since my family appreciates food, I started cooking for them, with my fave dishes like baked macaroni and spaghetti, and from there I learned on how to do lasagna. Aside from cooking, I started baking, even with an oven I was able to baked a chocolate cake by just steaming it. Then I also baked banana cake and to my surprise my family enjoyed it. I never knew that I had it in me, so to further enhance my new skills and new love I bought an oven and from there I started baking and cooking some more. And when I was ready to go out again, when I was able to step out of my room already, I met with friends again and let them try what I am currently cooking and baking. And one of my closest and best person in my life, my friend Marci told me, “why not make this a business? even for just the upcoming Christmas season.” So that was the time my small business started, Joven’s Oven, it made me refocus my life, it made me realise that I still have a purpose. And by cooking and baking, I forgot that I am going through something, wherein the past few months I was already giving up but thank God through my mom, my family and my friends, I was able to discover myself again and see the light in the darkness that I am going through and indeed from Desolation it turned into Delightful.

So in times that you feel at lost in your life, remember to always turn your back on people who’s there for you no matter what happens in your life. Remember that God is above it all, that the road may seem so dark and you can’t any light ahead of you, turn on Him and He will never ever forsake you. And it is said in John 13:7 Jesus replied, “You do not realise now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” And knowing God’s promise, just trust Him and believe that good thing will happen at the end of it all, Marke My Word.

I will continue sharing about this topic in my next blog, and if you have your own story to share feel free to collaborate with me and message me, I would love to hear from you as well.

Featured Photo by Bekka Mongeau from Pexels

Facebook: Mark Alcabedos

Instagram: @markemyword

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