Last August, me and my friends was able to visit the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. At first we were hesitant to go since there was a recent earthquake that hit Bali and its neighbouring islands which we are hoping to visit and explore. But after confirming with our hotel, tour guide and airline that its safe to travel to Bali we pushed thru and indeed it was worth it. Every time I travel to any country that I’ll be visiting I make sure to do some research about the country, the place and other things any traveler should know about the place they are visiting. And knowing the OZ me I planned out where to eat, what to do, where to go, etc and though some of it we weren’t able to try especially the restaurants it was totally fine because all the places we were able to go to was amazing. for 5 days and 5 nights (it is too short, I suggest you stay the least of 7 days). It was a 4 hours flight from Manila to the island of Bali, and upon our arrival we were welcomed by our guide and was brought to our hotel in Kuta beach area, The Bene Hotel. Kuta beach hotels is approximately 30 minutes from the airport, due to traffic or even less, again depending on the traffic situation. So if you’re arriving late at night, just like our flight, I suggest stay somewhere near like in Kuta area so that you will not get tired from your flight. Upon arrival at the hotel around 1am we are surprise that we were still given welcome drinks and refreshments and was still welcomed with a smile by the staff of Bene Hotel. It is situated in the inner part of Kuta which is very good if you want to have a good night sleep because it is very peaceful and no noise from the busy streets within the area. The room was big and beautiful though some equipments should be upgraded but its very minimal, nonetheless it was perfect for a relaxing stay. There beautiful swimming pool in the middle of their compound was really amazing and was able to try it out late before our dinner during our last evening during our trip. I think they are considered 4 star hotel or 5 star and it was really a good place to stay at, and it is very affordable.

The next day, we started our tour and it was through Bali Daily (you can check them out in there Instagram account) and it was a hectic 5 day schedule of activities but I can say it was all worth it. We had East Bali Trip for day 1, Singaraja Trip for the 2nd day, then we went to Nusa Penida Island on our 3rd day, then during our last day before our flight we had a Swing Activity tour. Of course you need to drop by for some souvenir for your loved ones and friends at home. Like what I said out Bali trip was jam-packed but all the places we visited was stunning and it exceeded my expectations that’s why I am planning to return next year, care to join me?

In my next blog I will try to share each tour we had per day so you can have a run-through of what’s in the said tour/s.

For any questions you can visit me in my social media accounts:

Facebook: Mark Alcabedos

Instagram: markemyword

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