Nami Island… you shouldn’t miss!

Nami Island, one of the most visited tourist spot in South Korea, because of it’s exceptional beauty (especially during Autumn and Fall) with a lot of trees shining with its different coloured leaves, and if you’re lucky to catch the cherry blossom season then it will shine in pink during your visit. It should really be on your travel itinerary when visiting Seoul, but I suggest plan it during Autumn or Fall so that you’ll see its real beauty while enjoying the cool weather at the same time. Aside from the scenery that you can see in Nami Island, if you are a fan of Koreanovelas, you can also see some spots in the island where they taped it, like the First Kiss by Winter Sonata series and seat at the area where they shoot it. You can relive the memory from that scene and maybe re-enact also with your partner or loved ones. Aside from that, I was also amazed by the trees, because I’m in love with nature, I really appreciate it despite not catching the coloured leaves I was still awed by its beauty maybe because the weather also was so cold so going around was easy breezy. If you get hungry, you don’t have to worry because there are also restaurants in the island that while you enjoy the view, seat on the benches, bonding with your loved ones, you can satisfy your cravings also with hot coffee, teas, breads, and other food meals. And after having a meal or just simply relax for awhile, you can also rent a bike and tour the island by riding it and it will be easier for you also to see the island. Be sure to wear your most comfortable to shoes to enjoy Nami Island and be sure to be OOTD ready as well because every spot is Instagram-worthy. And also if I may suggest, the best time to visit is in the morning so that you can enjoy the island more with lesser people or visitors. Feel free to ask me any questions by send me a message or you can also follow me at my social media accounts below. I hope you enjoy your visit to Nami Island, and take your best jump shot as well, MARKE MY WORD.

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