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Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, which was believed to derived from the word Seorabeol (Hangul: 서라벌), which originally referred to Gyeongju, the capital of Silla (wikipedia). It is indeed a well-loved travel destination for Filipinos, not just because they are fascinated with Koreanovelas but also because of the fascinating tourist spots that this beautiful city has to offer. And aside from that, if you’re like me who loves Samgyeopsal and other Korean dishes, you should really include it on your travel bucket list. And here in my “SEOUL cool” blog, I’ll try to share with you my experiences from how I acquire my tourist visa and so on and so forth.

When me and my friends planned this trip, the first thing that came to my mind was “Visa country again”. And as a Filipino Passport holder, we all know how it is when you’re going to a county that requires you to have a Tourist Visa before you can enter their country, and you just have to collect all the documents and submit it to a travel agency or directly at the Embassy (depending on the country). In my case, I chose to process my Korean Visa through Travelpros (because they are the one where me and my family got our Japan Visa processed) which is located at SM Megamall, 5th floor, building B. It is better that you get the list of requirements first and complete everything (as in everything please) before going there so that you can have your application process right away.  So once I was able complete my requirements I submitted it right away to Travelpros, along with my payment and waited for the result for around 2 weeks if I remember correctly, and ta-da I got approved and was able to start planning our trip.

During my visit with my closest friends in this beautiful city, we were surprised… surprised by the very cold weather because we are expecting an autumn feel kind of weather but to our surprise it feels like Winter! And not only that, we also experienced  snowfall, amazing! Because we are not expecting this kind of weather, our clothes weren’t ready as well haha good thing I was able to pack my thermal clothes from Uniqlo (it somehow worked). And as we traveled by train heading to Myeongdong station, where our hotel is located, it was freezing cold as we step out of the train station and we just ran towards our hotel (my photo was taken at the rooftop of our hotel, it was freezing cold) where at first we couldn’t locate it and then as we ask around we found it! And once we got our room keys and head towards our room we changed our clothes right away to suit the cold weather outside as we start exploring it.

First destination, well why go far if you can just roam around Myeongdong for our first day and see what this shopping and food haven has to offer. And before we went around, we have to fill our hungry tummy first and why not have our first Samgyeopsal. And we just ordered the meat that we like with its delicious Korean side dishes. Yummy!!! and after filling our tummy, we went around Myeongdong, did some shopping of food and other products and search also for other cafes and restaurants where we can eat the following days. If you love beauty products, especially Korean brands, make sure to wear your most comfortable shoes because they are tons of stores that you can go to and shop, and also get some freebies if you’re lucky enough. You can also find branded stores from clothings, to shoes, to souvenirs and a lot more. If you are fond of K-pop artist you can also find some stores that sells souvenirs of your favourite K-pop group and more. If you’re not fond of street shopping, there are also malls around the Myeondong area where you can choose to shop and also underground shopping stores (perfect if you’re not a winter weather kind of person) because you’ll have a warmer weather down there and yet enjoy a lot stores.

As much as we want to stay til Midnight and do more shopping around Myeongdong but we have an early tour the next day so we have to head back to our hotel and get enough rest. And that being said, on my next piece I will share with you all where we went and how was my experience seeing those tourist spots in Seoul. If you have questions, feel free to message me and maybe I can be of help to your Korean trip. Til the next one… Marke My Word!

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