it will TOKYO-speechless

It is my 3rd time to visit Japan, and AGAIN it didn’t fail to surprise me and make me feel excited to explore what Tokyo has in-store for me and my family. To be in such a beautiful City (Tokyo) and in my favorite country (Japan) to travel, is just surreal just like my first travel to Osaka. Tokyo is indeed vibrant, modern, alive and a lot more, but it will always has a touch of what Japan is way back in time. What makes it more special this time is that my sister joined us in this trip, and just like any first-timers you will just be amazed. To make it also more comfortable for my parents, we got the assistance of a travel agency in the Philippines to provide us with a tour packages so that we wont need to ride trains and walk through the stairs and a lot more, which is advisable for those who have parents or family members having a hard time climbing those stairs and unending walks. I would really suggest that you join this kind of tours when you are with your parents because it will make them enjoy the exploration even more and be able to relax along the way.

Why do i love exploring cities in Japan? Well, why not! It’s almost perfect or somehow perfect already, from tourists spots, food, friendly locals, shopping, transportation and a lot more. Enjoy the modern Tokyo by visiting the tourists spots in Tokyo like Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza, Akihibara and a lot more. See the Tokyo Tower and go up the viewing deck and see Tokyo from the top. See the famous Hachiko Monument and take a picture with the famous man’s bestfriend. After which you can already start shopping for you and your loved ones, from the latest gadgets, beauty products and latest in fashion, name it you can find it. Going upscale, let Ginza mesmerize you and splurge your heart out. Hungry? Shinjuku is surrounded with a lot of restaurants and bars for you to enjoy from morning til dawn. And all of this places and a lot more, can be easily access by their AMAZING train system.

Go out of town and be speechless with the beauty of Mt. Fuji, getting to the 5th station might be a little long but the travel is worth the wait and really a must to see. Just seeing Mt. Fuji from a far is a check on the bucket list but going up the 5th station is another experience. And if you are up too some thrill, there’s a theme park before going up the 5th station, which is another way to see and enjoy the beauty of Mt. Fuji, by riding there roller-coasters.

Does it sound exciting already? Well, There’s a lot more to see and experience in Tokyo and i will share it again in my next blog, so be sure to wait for it. I will also share my Seoul experience next time.


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