Dotonbori… a place to feast

In my recent trip to Osaka, Japan (last week to be exact) is one of the happiest trip I’ve experienced because I’m with my family. Nothing beats a family trip especially if your visiting a country as amazing and beautiful as Japan. It’s my second time to visit Japan particularly Osaka and i will never get tired or hesitate to come back because there’s a lot to do and discover everytime. Dotonbori is one of the famous or known place to visit when you come to Osaka because it will not just satisfy your eyes with bright lights of billboards and shopping stores with the adjacent Shinsaibashi area, but also feed your hungry tummy with sumptuous food finds along the Dotonbori stretch and its inner streets. One of the famous dishes in Dotonbori area that you can easily find is there Takoyaki, which is filled with chopped vegetables and squid or octopus tentacles inside it topped with a special sauce and ingredients. You can easily buy one at any kiosk but to get the best one be sure to find the long queues of locals and even foreigners to have the best Takoyaki in the area. Another dish you should try is Okonomiyaki, a Japanese savoury pancake, to satisfy your hunger after strolling and shopping and the famous one which I’ve tried is Mizuno Okonomiyaki. And of course never remove from your list of food must try when visiting Dotonbori is of course their ramen noodles which i love the most is from Ichiran because it’s just so delicious, the line outside says it all but of course there’s a lot of restaurants which offers the savoury ramen as well. So if your a foodie just like me and your visiting Osaka anytime soon be sure to drop by Dotonbori area to feast your mind, eyes and stomach, until next time! Pictures can be seen below and i hope to be of help to anyone who would come to Osaka, Japan 😊🇯🇵

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