why Hong Kong? well why not!

Hong Kong is just a 2 hours plane ride away from my home country, the Philippines, which i consider as my second home. Since the first time i set my foot on this beautiful country in the year 2007, which happens to be my first trip outside the Philippines, i just can’t help myself but to keep coming back for more. I have traveled to Hong Kong with my family, friends, and even my church mates, but every time i am there it’s as if it’s my first time there. Why? well here some of my reasons why keep coming back to Hong Kong:

1. Hong Kong Disneyland, who wouldn’t want to see the happiest place on earth right? Since i was a kid until now, i have been a fan of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters and movies, So when i had a chance to come and see it for myself, i was just amazed of how beautiful this theme park is and i get to see my favorite cartoon character and had a picture with Mickey and Minnie! I was able to watch the Lion King show LIVE and reminisce the first movie i ever watched in a cinema and be able to watch it in a different way with a LIVE performance, and of course sing-along with the songs from the movie most especially Circle of Life. Aside from that, i was able to ride an indoor roller-coaster which i am NOT a fan ever since, but Space Mountain made me conquer my fear! Of course there’s the Disney Parade and see different characters in their float just in front of you, with a very lively music and vibrant colors to make it more appealing to all the visitors, and there’s a lot more other activities, shows and rides for you to enjoy. And of course, the much awaited event during your visit at every Disneyland Park is the fireworks display that happens before the theme park closes at night which i can only describe as… MAGICAL! 

2. Cafe De Coral. This very famous restaurant/fast-food chain in Hong Kong is a must-try for every traveler. Cafe De Coral offers a wide-range menu which are all DELICIOUS and yet AFFORDABLE! You can enjoy a different menu from breakfast, lunch and dinner which will surely make you to keep coming back throughout the day. But what is my personal favorite? Well but of course the roast duck and roast pork combo on-top of a steaming rice with a Chinese lettuce on the side, it makes me hungry now as a write this blog, then you can add a cold drink to your meal or even a hot tea if you prefer that as well. But if your not a fan of the food i mentioned you can simply choose from their menu which offers,chicken and pork dishes, and a lot more so don’t miss out Cafe De Coral and let me know what you think about it, okay?

3. Mongkok and other shopping destinations. Yes i am a self-confessed shopaholic! who doesn’t enjoy shopping right? hehe. Well for me personally it’s really one way for me to release stress and i just love visting all the shops/stores particularly in  Mongkok area. I haven’t miss a time goint to Mongkok every time i’m in Hong Kong especially when i am searching for a new rubber shoes or sneakers. It feels like heaven when you’re in the area because everywhere you look shoes are displayed and i wish i can bring home 5 pairs or even more to bring home. I also make sure to buy somethin for my loved ones and friends that’s why they are happy every time i travel. You should make sure to visit also CityGate outlet to get yourself the trendiest branded items for a very good price, it’s where i buy Coach bags and Tumi bags and a lot more!

4. MTR. Thinking of how you can get around Hong Kong where convenience and affordability meets? well the answer is there very efficient and beautiful and affordable transport system which is the MTR. You don’t have to worry on how you can take your luggage from the airport to the city and to your hotel because some of their MTR are even connected to some of the hotels in the city. It’s very accessible, very easy to use and it’s very convenient all in all it’s VERY GOOD.


Well those are just  my personal reasons why i keep coming back to Hong Kong and i will be coming back again soon later this year with my whole family. I hope somehow i have help you decide why you should visit Hong Kong either with your family or friends or maybe by yourself, which i would love to try soon and do some soul searching. But one thins is for sure there are a lot more reason to visit and see this wonderful city so what are you waiting for, discover it for yourself and Discover Hong Kong, MARKE My Word.


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