When Life Shuts A Door… Open It Again

Good day to all of you readers and I hope you’re doing great wherever you are right now. Where you able to read my last blog entitled “When They Say You Can’t, Show Them That You Can”? Well, I hope you did and I have inspired 1 of you, which is my ultimate goal. Just like this new blog which I’m gonna share to all you. Let’s inspire each other, okay?

Was there a moment in your life where a door was shut close right in front of you? Where you offended and started slamming the door to open, or you felt humiliated and just walk away? Well, in that situation how should we react and what’s the best thing to do? I guess, it all depends on the situation and the reason. Let’s me write down some situations I personally experience where I felt door/s was shut for me and how I dealt with it.


There’s this company, which I was really hoping to get in, and I made sure that I will present myself in my utmost best every time I step into their beautiful and amazing office. When I applied online through a job-hunting website (I don’t know if you call it that way) I was thrilled to receive a call and a text message that I was invited for an initial interview for the position I was really eyeing for, and I told myself that I should keep calm and be ready for it because it will be happening the next day. So here I was, early for the call time and ready for the initial assessment that day, and once the HR staff called me inside a room for the interview, my heart was beating fast, as fast as my “ex” left me hehe. Kidding aside, as the interview was ongoing I was very optimistic that I will pass this initial process and move on, which surprisingly I did. Lucky me, right? And as I was scheduled for another interview which was the final or last step, I was both happy and nervous because I’m almost there in reaching my dream company with a job that I would love to do.

As the day of the final interview was there in front me, my knees were shaking as I step into the room for the final panel interview. Was this a thesis defense? Nah it’s just the interview, and as it was going smoothly and I already reached the last question, I answered it confidently with a heart. And just like any other job applications, the waiting game is on. Few days after, a week almost pass, there’s still no feedback and at the back of my mind I said, it was a NO. So to make things clearer for me, I made a follow-up and I was expecting for a NO answer but sadly it didn’t happen. To my surprise, the reason I didn’t hear from them on the said date they promised, it’s because the company decided to cancel the position opened and decided to get someone internally. What a lame excuse right? I wasted my money going here and there and a lot more. And honestly, I had a hard time sending my applications again after that because it didn’t happen just once, not even twice, or thrice, well it happened several times. Doors of opportunities keep shutting down on me, and I was feeling devastated week after week after week. But after quite some time I was able to move on and try again.

Business Opportunity

There came a point in my life that I felt working on corporate setting isn’t really for me. I felt the rejection one after another pulled me down and took away my confidence. So instead of dwelling on it, I felt that I have to move on and open my eyes in a different direction and re-direct my path into a new path which is having my own business.

At first, I thought if you have money business will just be like a walk in the park, but that wasn’t the case for me. And besides, I don’t have much funds during that time and all I have a small amount of money to start this new venture. Aside from that, it’s a one man show on my case, I have to conceptualize the business from scratch, I have to do the marketing, I have to do everything on my own.

I thought of reselling items, I thought of coming up with my own creations, but I end up selling foods that I personally love to cook and share with my family and friends. Since cooking baked macaroni and lasagna was my winning dishes, I started with those two items on my menu list and as times goes by it has to evolve and new dishes should be added. Though it wasn’t easy starting from scratch because I don’t have much funds and I don’t know if other people will appreciate it and enjoy the dishes that I cook, but gladly people welcomed me with an open arms with my business venture and it’s almost 3 years since I started my business Joven’s Oven (check my Facebook Page and Instagram Account). Thankfully my business is surviving and has its own followers and loyal customers and hopefully it will last a lifetime, because it uplifts me when people appreciate the food I prepare and getting those feedbacks gives me the encouragement to keep going and I will.

So remember this, if one door closes, it’s not the end for you and you should not feel hopeless. If he first door that you think will open up for you and welcome you freely, then it turned out to be the other way around, don’t be sad right away maybe it’s the wrong door. And remember that there are a lot of doors for you to open if you will just continue seeking and continually knocking until you find it. Keep knocking and opening doors of opportunities until you find the right one for you, He has BIG plans for you.

Break Down… Then Break Through

I remember someone telling me in the past that, “It’s ok to break down some times because we are only humans.” And as for me, I can really attest to that because personally, I’ve really broken down several times due to problems either emotional, financial, spiritual, etc. But you might be wondering as to what keeps me going? Well, there are several factors which I’m going to share with all of you.

My Faith in God

One huge factor that really fuelled me to keep fighting and moving forward is my faith. As a Christian, I keep reminding myself that I have to be stronger than my fears and problems and that my Father in Heaven is bigger than all my struggles in life. Is it hard? definitely! It’s tough fighting your thoughts because it makes you doubt, and you tend to worry more. It’s hard getting over your fears because it makes you question if you can really do it. And it’s tough finding solution to your problems because your mind is corrupted with all of that negativity that’s going on in your life. But like what I said, I’m thankful that I was equipt with God’s word in my mind and my heart, that in times like I feel like giving up, I talk to God and begged him to help me get over my thoughts and fight it. I must admit, I’ve felt like giving up several times but I’m always reminded by God that you can give up and feel down, but you shouldn’t quit and just keep standing. The fact that you are alive, breathing and see the sun when you wake up in the morning is a blessing and a great reminder that we should keep fighting because we still have a purpose in this earth we are living in. That’s why during the dark times in my life and when I break down, I talk to God and share with Him what i’m going through at that moment and seek for enlightenment and motivation to keep going and He never fails. And with that, I can say that I am blessed to know God with the help of Achi Gigi Rios, my afternoon devotion leader, who taught me more about God and lead me to Christianity because she guided me and my friends everytime we have our afternoon devotion once a week, and she makes sure to inspire us and answer our questions to further strengthen our faith, and aside from that, Achi Gigi also gave me my very first bible which I still have. So if you’ll ask me, it is very important to strengthen our faith in God by attending church service every Sunday and listen to God’s word and also read the Bible to have your own quiet time with Him which can develop your relationship with God.

My Family

I remember the time that I was going through depression and I was really at lost, I don’t even know who talk too and who can help me in my problems. But God was amazing because He redirected me to my core which is my family, particularly my mom. She just lends her shoulder to me one morning and I felt like my problem was solved right away because I have her by my side and I know that I will be able to surpass whatever it is that’s causing my depression. She just told me to find my niche and be able to find that happiness within me again. My mom just inspired me to stand up and try again, when I was at that point in my life that I want to give up and was totally broken, but she challenged me and motivated me to keep fighting and just move forward. That’s when I realize how important it is for us to treasure our family and have constant communication with them because in times of troubles or during tough times they will be there and they will help you no matter what because they are your family. So never be afraid or be shy to be open with your family because when others are gone or maybe left you, they won’t leave you because they are there for you, forever.

My Friends

In life, you will meet people who will stand by you and stick with you like a brother or sister and they are your friends. And I am truly blessed to have a lot of them in my life, maybe not all of them are as close as the others but definitely, I treasure all of my friends. During my depression period, I actually stayed away from my friends because I don’t want them to see my lowest point and I don’t want them to feel that I am not doing well at that time. But like what I said, they stick closer like a true sibling that’s why when I wasn’t really doing well some of them felt it and comforted me during those time. They also respected my silence because I really don’t want to share my problems or what I am going through and just stayed with me and cheered me up and motivated me to keep fighting. Some even went the extra mile to take me out when I was ready to go out and mingle again because honestly at that point I wasn’t ready to face anyone and I can’t even talk without crying that’s why I just kept quiet. But one thing that I am thankful for to my friends is that they stayed with me through good times and even the bad times that’s why I am very much grateful to have them in my life. But remember, not all people in your life are true and real so be sure to choose your friends properly, make sure that they influence you by bringing out the best and the good in you and not the other way around, and make sure that when you finally have those real friends in your life treasure them because they are rare and hard to find.

What’s my point:

So why did I share about my faith in God, my family, and my friends, well because they played a huge part in my life especially during the tough times and that’s why I kept going and never give up. In this crazy world, we are living in we may be pre-occupied with a lot of stuff that distracts us and allows us to question why is this happening to me? why do I have to carry this burden? why am I being punished despite the fact that I am doing good things in my life? and a lot more questions that go through our minds. But remember this, “God gives the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers” Matthew 5:10. So instead of giving up right away, don’t be afraid to break down and cry coz that’s normal and it is ok not to be ok at times we are only human. Surviving trials is the best test of our faith in God because we never forget His promise that He will never leave us nor forsake despite our shortcomings and our failures because God loves us all. We may not understand it now but remember that all of this will end someday and we will reap the rewards if we stand strong in our faith and that’s why we have our family to be with us during those times that we can’t figure out on how to resolve our problems, and we also have our friends to whom we can share too and seek help if needed but let’s not forget that they have their own trials too so if they begged off to help us accept it and respect them. And never ever lose hope because we will all have our time to shine and be able to savor the success God has prepared and destined for each and every one of us. Just be patient, Marke My Word.

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When They Say You Can’t, Show Them That You Can

Hello there readers, how are you all doing? I hope that you are all doing great just like me. It’s been a week since I was able to write about my last blog which is “Shoe Them What You Got”, and I’ve been busy since that day. I’m glad to be able to write again and maybe inspire some of you not just in my home country the Philippines but also all over the world, let me show it to you.

Was there a time in your life that you doubted yourself because someone told you that you cannot do it? Or maybe you lose your self-esteem because you failed on your first try to do something that you love doing, which made you stop from trying again? Does it end there for you or should you try again some other time? Well, take it from me, you shouldn’t give up on the first try, second, third or even more, because it shouldn’t end there, you know why? Let me explain further and share my personal experience.

Always be positive just like a proton. Yes, that’s so true, we should always be optimistic despite failing and it shouldn’t stop us from moving forward and to try again. Why? Because you will never know your capabilities, your strengths, and even your weaknesses if you give up right away. Failing should just challenge us and not make us quit. It is through this unnecessary situation that we will be able to learn from our mistakes in life, it is through failure that we will be able to discover new things about ourselves, and through this we gain confidence.

I remember, there was a time I doubted myself from reaching my dreams because I wasn’t able to go to my dream school which is Ateneo or La Salle. Since I was young, I told myself that I should only get into these two schools when I reached college, but sadly I wasn’t able to do so. Did it stop me from reaching my dreams? No, because while I was studying at Centro Escolar University in Manila where I took up A.B. Mass Communication major in Broadcast, a professor told us that in real life or outside world, where you graduated shouldn’t define who you are and what you can do. It’s your skills, your knowledge, and your passion that will prove your worth to any company that would accept you.

Was it easy peasy? Sadly No, because in reality especially here in the Philippines, applying for a job even if you are a graduate of a 4-year course isn’t a walk in the park, just like what I personally experience. I remember the time when I applied for a job at a company that I dreamed of getting into because who wouldn’t want to fly for free right? Well, going back to my experience, the only reason I remember that they told me why I wasn’t accepted, alongside other applicants was that I am overweight or fat for the position. Ouch right? But I didn’t apply for an F.A. position (I wish) it is only for a ground position or office-based, but I was judge right away because of what I look like and not what I can do. But instead of dwelling on that not so good experience, it motivated me to be better physically and mentally and molded me to who I am now Mark Joven version 3.2 (coz I’m now 32 years old).

So, maybe you are all wondering if I end up having the job that I really wanted, my answer is NO. I really wanted to work in a media company or in an advertising company, but due to lack of job vacancies during the high time of my applications, I end up just finding a job. Well, I’m a little bit disappointed because I wanted to prove to everyone around me that I can reach my dreams despite the fact that I wasn’t able to enter into my dream school/university and prove my professor right that no matter what school you end up with and finish your studies, you can reach your dream job and company. But after several years of working in small companies, after several job applications, after several job offers, and after several transfers to different companies, I realized something that if opportunities that you like don’t knock on you, do not be discouraged.

Maybe you are destined to do bigger things, maybe you are meant for a different path, and maybe you should be the one who should create your own opportunity, not just for yourself but also for others who needed some motivation and encouragement. What am I trying to point out? Well, I mean create your own opportunity, start your own business, maybe you can also do a partnership with your family or loved ones, or maybe try to build your own career in different platforms such as social media or other multimedia, there’s a lot of them nowadays. And it’s all up to you! And when others tell you that you can’t because you are just like this and you’re just like that, and you should just keep yourself in a box, prove them wrong. Show them that you can do it and you will do it, not for them but for those who believe in you and your capabilities, because you are special and you are more than what you are right now. Don’t let anyone look down on you and what you can do, because they don’t know you and they can’t judge you. Don’t let them and never allow them to belittle you because they will succeed and you will be defeated, instead prove them wrong and show them what God has given you, i’m talking about your skills and talents, you have your own calling and purpose, just keep looking and you will find your niche, Marke My Word.

Just want to share what I am currently doing, just you guys are interested, I am working for a private company, managing my small business Joven’s Oven, I am a Sunday School teacher at Grace Christian Church of the Philippines, I write blogs (hopefully soon do my vlogs), I do some hosting of gatherings and events, and my favorite of them all which I hope can be my “job” or someone can hire me to do it regularly and get paid, is to travel the Philippines and the world. Please, can someone hire me to do that? hehe

Shoe Them What You Got

During our visit to Toronto, Canada, one of the places we visited was Bata Shoe Museum. And for a shoe lover like me, coz I have a “few” pairs of shoes at home”, I was really curious of what we can see at this museum. I may not be able to visit many museums that often, but given the chance I am really enjoying it because I can learn something from history and at the same time appreciate the beauty of the particular item I can see in the museum.

So going back to Bata Shoe Museum, like what is stated on their website http://www.batashoemuseum.ca “for every shoe there’s a story…” I do believe in that after seeing the different shoes we saw at this wonderful museum. From shoes that you can use during winter time, shoes in Chinese era, shoes during the beginning of times to the shoes of today, from the most unusual design and to the most expensive one, and a lot more. Here are some of them.

It’s amazing right? Well actually there’s a lot more. And from all of them I found something that I really hope that I can have someday. Aside from the fact that’s one of my dream shoe brand, its also something that I want to wear and I believe what I can wear. Because for me, as long as you are comfortable and you want something, you can slay it. Look at my pick from all of the amazing shoes.

Who wouldn’t want a pair of this Christian Louboutin shoes right? How I hope and wish someone can send me this pair (dream big and wish bigger than your dreams if you can).

Every shoe has its own story to tell, whether from the history of the shoes as why it crafted, or even for whom the shoes was designed for, and also your personal story of your own pair of shoes and its sentimental value. Just like the story of Manolo Blahnik, we were lucky enough to see his showroom of shoes that he designed was exhibited during that time at the Bata Shoe Museum. And I must say, the designs are really outstanding and beautiful and its a dream come true for any girl or lady to have, just look at this photos and look at my friend Marci as well.

Just a thought:

Does the shoes that we wear defines who we are, or can it even tell our story? Well, for me it doesn’t matter how beautiful our shoes are, how expensive it is or even how cheap we are able to get it; how unique your shoes is, or how exclusive you were able to get it from a designer store, if we will only take the shortcut, and even step into someone else’s foot to reach the top or where we are in our lives at the moment. Because I believe, the best success story we can have, is when we are able to gain lessons from the challenges we face from the path we have taken just to reach our goal/s in life. And from there we are able to experience the good and bad, the highs and lows of life; from there we can gain life lessons on how to be strong even when we are weak, how to be tough when we are about to give up, and never to lose hope even during the darkest times of our lives. And from there we can inspire the people around us; and when you stumble stand up slowly and when we are brought down to our knees it’s not for us to give up but a time for us to pray. Shoe them what you got, shoe that what you are made of, and shoe them that you can and you will, Marke My Word.

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Get Knocked Down…Fight Back Gently

Hello again everyone! It feels so good to write a blog because it’s one way, for me, to release all the stress away. At the same time it is my way of giving back, by inspiring others through my personal experience in good times and bad times and how I get through it all. So I hope you can spread the word about my blog and follow me, leave a comment (good and bad are welcome), and your thoughts as well, thank you. So let me start and fight back! 🙂

Is fighting back good or bad? Well, it depends on the reason why you are doing it, that’s just my opinion. Because there are times in our lives that we are hit badly with problems and situations that triggers us to our limits. How do we react? How do we get even? Should we feel down? I’m pretty sure that all of us will have a different way of taking this situation, and also have our own ways of handling it. But of course what I’m gonna share is something I experienced personally and how I handled the situation and fought back.

thank you extra madness.com

During a time in my life that I nearly lost everything I have (monetary), and no one knew about it because I never told anyone, coz why should I felt it’s not worth sharing. Aside from that, no one felt that I have a problem because despite my current situation you will never see it in my face and in my actions. I guess I’m a pretty good actor right? Want to see my acting skills? I encourage you to visit my Tiktok account, see my videos and you be the judge how good I am haha (Tiktok: marky_joven). But kidding aside, I never told anyone because I’m the cheerful person everyone knows, I’m the happy pill that cracks jokes most of the time, I’m the optimistic guy who sees the good in the bad, and I’m the problem solver to anyone who knows me. So during the time that I was, and at times that I still am facing troubles, I try to find solution and keep it to myself, but one thing I’m sure of and that is I am never alone, which I constantly remind myself. Because I know that my FAITH is bigger than my fears and problems, and I hold on to God’s promise to trust in Him that He will not leave me nor forsake me and He will help me get through it.

So when I was facing adversity, I made sure to hold on to God’s promise and His word was my strength and my motivation to keep moving forward and never stumble.

I must admit during the time that I was knocked down with problems because I was blinded with superficial love, which I thought would complete me, but I was wrong. Yes, I was wrong, because the cause of my fall eventually neglected me as if I’m no one, how sad right? That’s life, and my advice, learn not to expect that promises will be fulfilled because in the end you will just be left hanging by the thread. (Boom! hehe) Maybe for the person or people who made those promises already thought in their lazy mind that they made you a promise already, and it will be too much for them to fulfill it, and on our end let’s not be abusive to think and expect them to make those promises come true.

But going back, because I reached the point that I lost everything and I was already doubting myself that I can still stand up from where I am that time. It was really tough, because I don’t want anyone to know about my situation and let others feel that there’s something wrong, because I was acting brave and I wanted to be alone. I totally forgot that I have my parents, my family, my friends, loved ones and other real people in my life that doesn’t need anything from me to love me back and see my importance. But those people who used me, those just who needs me and recognise me and my importance when they need something, well they never care with what’s happening, which broke my heart. But I’m still thankful to them because of what they did to me I’ve become wiser, and realize that I am strong enough to stand up and fight back coz I still got a lot of fight left in me. So be sure to surround yourself with real people, they maybe few but at least they are real, and remember when no one believes in you and what you can do, those people thinks the other way and will keep supporting you every single day, trust me.

But when God has shaken me, awaken me and made me realise that I’m better than the person that I am during those times, I was so eager to step out of the darkness right away, slowly I was standing up from the ground, and thankfully He gave me a chance to move on and move forward because God loves me and many people loves me starting from my parents, family, friends, loved ones and the real people in my life. Despite the fact that I failed God several times and hurt Him with my wrongdoings, He never left me, and from that point on my relationship with God just got better and stronger. And now, whatever earthquakes that shakes my ground (coz I still am going through things in life), I keep reminding myself to hold on tight and keep my focus on what I should do, and recover slowly but surely and not to dwell on the things that’s pulling me down. I have learned to let go of what had hurt me in the past and let God handle it for me instead from today and the future. Remember, God knows better and He knows what’s best for me and for all of us, so when He says NO take it politely and move forward, and when He says WAIT be patient and trust Him, because at the right time He will say YES and give it to you because that is the BEST time, Marke My Word.

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Our Past, is worth Remembering

Have you forgotten your past already? And should we really throw it away (all the memories) and never look back? Well not all, because there are things and memories in the past that until today we should never forget. Just like the place we visited in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which is called Black Creek Pioneer Village which is an open-air heritage museum. It gives you an idea or flashback on how or what rural Ontario looked like in the early 19th century. As a tourist, it was a wonderful experience to see the old houses, 19th century buildings and other structures.

Aside from that, I was also amazed with there historical re-enactments and visiting artisans. The pioneer village also features a barn, the original Stong Family farm buildings, water powered grist-mill, general store, blacksmith’s shop along with over 10 other trades buildings, and other structures.

One more thing about Black Creek Pioneer Village, majority of the buildings were moved from their original sites like the Halfway House and Mennonite Meeting House and some was re-built on site. Aside from the buildings and houses and other structues, we were also greeted by the sheeps who was with their shepherd that gave us insights as well.

Therefore, I believe NOT ALL in our past should be forgotten because without it we will not be able to see where the present came from and be able to innovate for the future. Even if our past have hurt us so bad that tore us apart and made us doubtful of ourselves, we should never forget. Because it’s part of growing up and moving forward, and learning from the past allows us to be better at present, and makes us stronger and firmer to whatever lies ahead, Marke My Word.

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Desolation turned Delightful

2017, the year that challenged me the most in totality. The year when I said the words to myself and to God, “I give up” because I felt everything isn’t going my way, when everything seems falling apart, the time that I’m against all odds, it was a moment when I almost lost everything I have, and it’s the time when I got fooled by people whom I mistakenly trust. Indeed it was a tough year particularly in the month of June of 2017, when I’m at the point of giving up. There was a moment where in a week everyday something wrong is happening. It started on a Sunday when I got a call from my credit card provider and I was informed that my credit card got fraud (but until this day, the amount wasn’t returned yet, BPI hello!). Then the following day, Monday, I used my debit card and the money transacted was deducted in my card but the cashier it wasn’t approved (thank you BDO for returning the money), then Tuesday, the food orders have to be cancelled because a problem was encountered with the sauce, then Wednesday I had a problem at work and almost cause me my job, then Thursday I got fooled by a person and took away some of my money which was borrowed. Imagine all those things happening day after day after day in just one week, how would you feel right? Of course, I am only human and I was really hurt in all aspect and I just ask God, why me? why now? but instead of turning my back on Him, I kept my trust and faith in Him and just kept quiet about it, and talk to no one but only to God. Then when I realise I have to share it with someone with me there was only one person that I want to go to at that moment and share what I’m going through, it was my mom. She was the one that came on top of my mind, aside from God, because I know she will not judge me, she will not hate me and I know my mom knows better than me.

thank you dailyscrolls.com

It was a moment that I leaned on her shoulder one morning while we are having a breakfast, and she whispered to my ears, “everything will be ok”. She advised me to stand tall and just refocus in everything that I am doing because she knew that I am better than that and I deserve better as well. She was my source of strength and she was my inspiration. And I also remember that she told me the quote “God never allows pain without a purpose” and from there she challenged me to find my niche, find my strength and find something that will make me happy.

And one thing that really makes me happy is making my mom and my family happy, they are my priority at that moment, because no matter what happens to you in your life, the people who will be behind your back 100% or even 200% will be your family. You can always, as in always run to them in good times and even the bad times, they will be supporting you all the way, that’s aside from your real friends of course who stayed with me as well.

Joven’s Oven
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Going back to my “new purpose” and finding my “niche”, I re-discover my love for cooking. And since my family appreciates food, I started cooking for them, with my fave dishes like baked macaroni and spaghetti, and from there I learned on how to do lasagna. Aside from cooking, I started baking, even with an oven I was able to baked a chocolate cake by just steaming it. Then I also baked banana cake and to my surprise my family enjoyed it. I never knew that I had it in me, so to further enhance my new skills and new love I bought an oven and from there I started baking and cooking some more. And when I was ready to go out again, when I was able to step out of my room already, I met with friends again and let them try what I am currently cooking and baking. And one of my closest and best person in my life, my friend Marci told me, “why not make this a business? even for just the upcoming Christmas season.” So that was the time my small business started, Joven’s Oven, it made me refocus my life, it made me realise that I still have a purpose. And by cooking and baking, I forgot that I am going through something, wherein the past few months I was already giving up but thank God through my mom, my family and my friends, I was able to discover myself again and see the light in the darkness that I am going through and indeed from Desolation it turned into Delightful.

So in times that you feel at lost in your life, remember to always turn your back on people who’s there for you no matter what happens in your life. Remember that God is above it all, that the road may seem so dark and you can’t any light ahead of you, turn on Him and He will never ever forsake you. And it is said in John 13:7 Jesus replied, “You do not realise now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” And knowing God’s promise, just trust Him and believe that good thing will happen at the end of it all, Marke My Word.

I will continue sharing about this topic in my next blog, and if you have your own story to share feel free to collaborate with me and message me, I would love to hear from you as well.

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Graffiti Alley Bursting with Creativity

Every time I travel, I try my best to do some research on the country and cities I’ll be visiting to have an idea of what to see and do. I don’t want to come empty handed and have no idea on what I or what my travelling companion should expect, well that’s just me. So when my friend Cj sent us an itinerary of what she had prepared for us on our visit to Toronto, Canada, I searched the places online right away to see at least a picture on those spots we are visiting. As I was checking on the itinerary, I was curious with one of the places which is Graffiti Alley, “what’s that?” it seems interesting. And as we are walking towards the Graffiti Alley while enjoying the very cold weather, we are greeted right away with the beautiful and colourful wall graffiti, as shown below.

I was just amazed how they were able to transform this alley as colourful and as creative as possible. If you love art, this place is for you. If you appreciate graffiti walls, then put this on your place to visit when you go to Toronto. And if you would love taking Instagram worthy photos, be ready and shoot as many as you can and be sure to come to Graffiti Alley.

Graffiti Wall Art

Graffiti Alley, it may be one of Toronto’s most beloved attractions, street art wasn’t always accepted in Toronto. The issue came down to street art versus vandalism, with the lines blurred in the eyes of city officials and authorities. The debate about graffiti in the city still exists, but the current view is one of more open acceptance of street art having the power to beautify a neighborhood. StreetARToronto (StART) is an initiative started by the City of Toronto in 2012 as a way to reduce graffiti vandalism by replacing it with creative murals and street art that engage the community and make a positive impact on the city, much like Graffiti Alley has done.

Art indeed brings colour into our life, so it must be appreciated, it must be recognised, it must be shown in a big or small scale because its a person’s way of expressing once feelings and emotion. And just like what was done in Graffiti Alley in Rush Lane, Toronto, as long as it was regulated well and it was executed the right way, this can or should be done in other places or countries as well and become a tourist spot and be visited by a lot of tourists. Marketing My Word, include this in your place to visit.

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Niagara Falls made me CRY

Hey I’m back! Finally after several weeks or a month, I’m happy to be able to write again about my travel experience. And let me greet everyone a Happy New Year, and may we all have a Blessed and Exciting 2019!

Last time, I was able to write about a brief introduction about my last trip for 2018 which is the time that I was able to reach for my dreams and visit Canada, particularly Toronto and explore the beautiful spots and places in that lovely country. And when I knew that we are going to Canada and visit my friend Cj and her family, the first thing that came to my mind of what my goal is when it comes to what I won’t missed to see, Niagara Falls was at the top of the list. I have seen it in photos, travel shows, and instagram pictures of people who’ve been there. I’ve heard of stories of how beautiful it is and how majestic it is to see it in person. And I told myself that one day, I’ll be able to see it and experience it, and here it is last October 2018, it really did happen.

Niagara Falls

I’ll be honest, there were tears seeing it from a far, and I just cried as we walk close towards the edge of the viewing area. I cried because I couldn’t believe that I’m actually there, that I am seeing it right before my eyes, that I am actually smelling the fresh air and feel the cold weather, and it was just so surreal. It was just stunning, beautiful, amazing, astonishing, majestic, etc. It is an understatement to say its just beautiful, because for someone like me who’ve dreamt of seeing it in person the experience was just surreal. I told my friends, I’ve always wanted to see this, and someday with my family, because just seeing it in photos won’t give justice. It was made even more special because you are with your closest friends and sharing that magical moment was just superb, look at us we are all happy.

Me, Marci and Cj

Hearing the water that aggressively flows, seeing it stream down the waterfalls, seeing birds fly, enjoying the cool drizzles, the very cold weather, and it seems the water from the top is endless, was just a different sight to see. From the starting point where we were dropped-off by Boris, the husband of Cj, I never stopped looking around and fed my eyes with this amazing view. I tell you, the feeling is surreal especially for a dreamer/traveler like me, its a moment to remember forever. It was just a magical moment for me, and I said to myself, that it will be another goal to have my family with me in the same spot and share the moment with them, I’m sure it will be as amazing like the first time.

When you dream, dream beyond your imagination, dream bigger than whatever you can imagine, dream as far as you can, dream as if you have all the riches in the world has to offer and be able to reach for it, because you won’t know if God above will just give you that dream and made it into a reality. My recent Canada trip for me is just the most memorable to date, from getting a visa (which I’ll share to you how I got mine, 10 years multiple visa), buying airline tickets (check as early as you can!), planning your itinerary (thank you CJ!!!), and Save Save Save (its better to come ready for all your expenses, most importantly SHOPPING! haha). MARKE My Word, you should visit Canada and explore as far and as longer as you can.

I Love Canada

As I was able to travel to different Asian countries like Japan (which is my favourite), Hong Kong (my second home), Taiwan (food haven which I’ll share my experience also), South Korea (k-bbq is life), Macau (egg tart please), Singapore (very beautiful), Thailand (shopping shopping shopping), Indonesia (Bali would really be a good place to live in for me!), China (my fave spot is The Bund), well I think that’s about it, and I remember telling myself that “someday I want and I will travel to a country beyond Asia.” And who would’ve taught I was able to fulfil that dream/goal in my life this year 2018, and happily me and my friend was able to see and experience and appreciate the very beautiful Toronto, Canada.

“Toronto is the capital city of the province of Ontario and the largest city in Canada by population, with 2,731,571 residents in 2016. Current to 2016, the Toronto census metropolitan area (CMA), of which the majority is within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), held a population of 5,928,040, making it Canada’s most populous CMA. Toronto is the anchor of an urban agglomeration, known as the Golden Horseshoe in Southern Ontario, located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. A global city, Toronto is a centre of business, finance, arts, and culture, and is recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world.” (base from wikipedia.com)


For our trip to Toronto from Manila, we had a connecting flight to Seoul which is around 3 hours to 3 1/2 hours. Then as we wait for our flight to Toronto, were able to catch some sleep and bought some snacks before we board the plane. And as experience our first long haul flight (13 hours to be exact), we had no idea what to do, and how to survive this inside the plane. Well here’s my experience, I watched a movie (around 4 movies), eat the food served by the flight attendant, and the most important is sleep. And when I saw that the time left before we land was 1 hour, I was already ecstatic and happy because finally we are landing safely and at the same time my dream of travelling beyond Asia came true, Toronto here we come!

strolling around

As we land and inhale for the first time the smell of Canada, it was just surreal for me, well both of us actually. And feel the very cold weather, its like 5 degrees when we arrived, at it was freezing cold but for me I was really happy. From the airport, we were fetched by Boris, the husband of our friend Cj, and good thing jet lag hasn’t sink-in yet I was just amazed of what I’m seeing outside the car, and I’m mesmerised and trying to absorb everything that I’m seeing for the first time. Seeing the beautiful orange, red, yellow, maple leaves was just really something for me, and be in a place for the first time in my life I was teary-eyed. When we finally reached our destination, at the condo unit of Boris and Cj with the very cute and adorable baby Sara, we just hugged Cj so tight because it was 2 or 3 years since the last time we’ve seen each other and its our first time to see baby Sara. And as we unpacked some of our stuffs and put our thermal clothes, we went out for our first meal in downtown Toronto which is Hotdog and Fries, and I must say it was so delicious especially the fries with gravy (Poutine). And as we walk towards the food stand, my eyes are filled with beautiful views, skyscrapers, familiar stores and resto and the new ones, and a lot more, I was just extra happy that time because I never imagined it will happen so soon. I was just so blessed to experience it and for me its just a dream come true and like what I said when you dream dream big and dream as far as what your mind CAN(ada) imagine.

the food truck

During this 10 day trip, very short trip, it was all worth it. The places we’ve been to like Muskoka, Niagara, watched a play, went a stroll in the forest, and see in front of me Niagara Falls was just an amazing experience, and a lot more activities. I will be sharing it with all of you in my next blogs so watch out for it, ok? but for the meantime I’ll keep you hanging first and make you look forward to my Canada experience, its all worth it MARKE My Word.

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B.F.B (Budget-Friendly-Bali)

“Is it expensive travelling to Bali?” That’s one of the many question my friends ask me when I got back from my recent trip to Bali. And my honest answer was, “No!” Its actually very affordable, from their hotels, tours, food/s, souvenirs, etc. If you’re a budget traveller (like me!) Bali is a perfect travel destination for you and your companion, because it won’t break your wallet’s heart and you don’t need to break your coin bank as well. I will breakdown my expenses for you to have an idea how much you have to prepare before your upcoming trip to Bali and also some guidelines on what to do and expect.

Expenses from my recent Bali Trip (5 days and 4 nights)

Plane Ticket: P10,485

(AirAsia, direct flight Manila – Bali – Manila: what is included in the plane ticket is Airfare, luggages 20kg per way, taxes, meals for RT flights, insurance)

Hotel: P11,500

(P5,750 per pax. The Bene Hotel, Kuta Beach area, Superior Double Room: rate is per room for 2 pax, for 4 nights, with buffet breakfast)

Airport Transfer: 200K Rupiah

(one way for 3 pax) = P727.23 for 3 pax; P242.41 per person

Tour Guide: 1,708,333.33 Million Rupiah per person = P6,212 

900K Rupiah (for 3 pax; East Bali Trip), 900K Rupiah (for 3 pax; Singaraja Trip), 675K Rupiah (per person; Nusa Penida Tour) + 350K Rupiah (for 3 pax; for the car/driver), 725K Rupiah (for 3 pax; Swing Activity; Airport Transfer going home is already included or free since we went straight after the tour)

Note: you still have to pay for entrance fees in some of the tourist spots but its not expensive.

Total: P22,689.41 per person

Not intimidating right? Imagine for the amount of P22,689.41 (we just booked and planned everything 2 months before the said trip) because almost everything is included already. If you want to get a cheaper plane ticket, try to book early so that you can catch seat sale fares, and also if you don’t like to include meals and seat assignment and luggages the price will go down from what I wrote down in the breakdown of expenses.

“Then how about the food?” “How about the souvenirs”

Well I didn’t include the food meals because it will depend on what kind of meals do you prefer, but if I were you try to eat heavy breakfast so that during your tour you don’t have to spend that much. BUT you don’t have to worry because the normal meals you can order at their restaurants will range from 25,000 Rupiah to 60,000 Rupiah (when you convert it will be from P95 to P190). With that amount you can already order a very good meal from American cuisine, Local cuisine and a lot more to choose from so definitely you will not get hungry and I repeat its not expensive.

If you’re thinking of getting your loved ones a souvenir from food, coffee, shirts, keychain, sarong, etc., you can go to Krisna. Tell your tour guide or driver to take you to this famous souvenir store and you can find anything and everything you want to bring your loved ones back home. It’s a huge store and for sure you will not leave the store empty-handed and all the famous souvenirs in Bali can be bought here and they can also assist you in packing it in huge boxes. You can pay for everything you bought either cash or credit card, so it’s hassle-free.

REMINDER before going to Bali

What should you know before going to Bali and what should you prepare? Well first is change your money from your home country. It is better if you already have a Rupiah with you before going to Bali because you might have a lower rate and have more Millions of Rupiah with you. But if you’ll be having a hard time looking for Rupiah in your home country you can have it change in Bali, BUT A REMINDER change your money only at those authorise and legit money changers, if you’ll get the service of a tour operator you can seek for their help and take you to a good money changer. Be careful ok? because not all are legit and you might be dismayed and not be able to have a wonderful Bali experience, so DON’T FORGET!

Another thing, if you prefer to have a hassle free trip and tour around Bali I would suggest that you talk with a legit and good tour guide and operator. For me I was able to find in Instagram Bali Daily, and the rate I posted was their rate during our trip. Why would I suggest a tour guide? Well with their help all you need to do is wait at your hotel lobby and they will take you to your desired destination, and from our experience they are good and legit, they are very accommodating from my inquiry until the time we got there and have done all the tours, they definitely made our Bali trip a memorable one.

Are you ready?

So was I able to encourage you to go to Bali? I hope so because it should really be part of your bucket list for any traveller like me who’s on a budget. There’s a lot to explore and do in Bali so if you want to maximise your trip, be sure to save some more and plan early. Btw, if you are a person who’s always online due to work or other reason, you might want to bring with you a pocket wifi that you can bring with you all around Bali. Here in the Philippines, I make sure to always use a pocket wifi abroad that I rent every time I travel. I use Flytpack always because for me they really have a good service and connection wherever I’ve been through so far. But then again its up to you if you should bring one or not, because in Bali its better if you take a break from getting connected first if you can, so that you can enjoy your stay and your tours. In that case, you don’t have to hold your gadgets while looking around and instead enjoy the view and what Bali has to offer. But if you really can’t do that then I suggest rent one and maybe while your in a tour set it aside for awhile, and at the same time when you reach your hotel all of them (I believe) offers free wifi for all their guests and make it a travel to remember, MARKE My Word.

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To See Is To Bali-eve

They say “to see is to believe”, and that’s what I tell myself every time I’m going on a trip. Just like my visit to Bali, Indonesia, one reason why I travel is because I don’t just want to see this amazing places all over the world in pictures in social media and all over the internet, but to have a first hand experience and enjoy the beauty of God’s wonderful creation. Just like our Swing Activity Tour, were we visited Bali Swing site, Coffee Plantation, Ubud Market and Tegalalang Rice Terraces. We did this tour on our last day in Bali before heading back to the Philippines, and since our flight was still past midnight why not make use of the day well by still doing a tour.

Let’s start with Bali Swing site (sorry I can’t find the pictures), we may not have experience the swing and other water activities due to lack of time and at the same time we are not dress for the said activity, we skip it but not to worry because we are able to do a swing activity already during our trip to Wanagiri Hidden Hills which I can say that it has a much more better view and much more thrill in it. But here at the Bali Swing, you will be able to enjoy a lot more swing activities and much more Instagram worthy picture spots with a wonderful view as well. And if you are thrill seeker and adventure junky this place is also a must go for you because they also offer white water rafting. And since this is located in the Ubud area which is known for this type of activities, then if you get a chance do one and you will enjoy it, which I’ll do when I get to visit again.

Now let’s move on to Tegalalang Rice Terraces, is it amazing? YES YES YES! If you are a nature lover like me then you will enjoy this part of the tour. But make sure you are ready to walk up and down the rice terraces because to enjoy this tour you will need to walk down and up and down and up again and tour around the beautiful Tegalalang Rice Terraces. Aside from enjoying the view, you get to experience another swing activity here and imagine riding a swing and have a view of the rice terraces, isn’t that breathtaking? Woooh! Tired and Hungry??? Not to worry! Because when you’re done with doing this activity there’s a lot of food choices for you to choose from as well. Imagine having your meal and having this view in front of you, will it not make your experience even more fulfilling? Don’t miss it ok?

And now let’s have some coffee, YES for coffee lovers like me, you should drop by their coffee plantation. Bali is also known for there coffee especially made and crafted in this lovely island. And there famous, quite expensive from the others, is called Luwak Coffee which comes from a poop of a Luwak. What’s a Luwak? it is a Civet cat and is known to be part of the cat family and it is native to Bali. They are known for eating coffee beans, which are then collected after the luwak poops them out, and used to make what is known as a Luwak coffee, sounds weird? well you should try it because the taste is really good. Game? You should really give it a try.

Now to my favourite activity, well everywhere I go this is my favourite, SHOPPING! Who wouldn’t enjoy it right? Especially its time to get your loved ones some souvenirs from the place where you came from and make them feel love. And if you are a fan of the Native bags from Bali which comes in different shape and sizes, and other local souvenirs you van bring home then Ubud Market (I don’t have the picture because it was raining that time and we are on a rush so I forgot the picture) is a place you should include in your itinerary. Be sure to have your skills in haggling with you when you visit this place because the best part of going to Ubud market is you can bargain for the item that you like to the price which suits your budget. I have the skill and the confidence in bargaining, every time I haggle for an item whether in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bali and of course here in the Philippines, I get to buy the item that I want for the price that suits my budget. So that’s what the best thing to have in you when visiting Ubud Market, and also aside from the native products they sell here their are also some branded stores around the are, and there are also temples to visit and see the Monkey forest, beware of your things ok, just a heads up because this monkeys are really playful.

What to do next? well head back to the city area and go to the airport to catch our flight later that night and we should get ready. I really enjoyed our trip in Bali and I will definitely come back for more experience and adventure. You should visit Bali too, because it won’t just fill your eyes with beautiful sites, fill your tummy with their delicious foods (which I’ll try to come up with a blog with some of the meals we had on this trip), but also fill your heart and mind with peace that you need and deserve, because Bali has this tranquility and serenity feel in my own experience while your enjoying your trip. You can really have a quiet time with yourself and with God, spend a quality time with the people you’re travelling with, and at the same time enjoy a lot of activities to do and experience around Bali. I will go back and I’m looking forward to more adventures in Bali, want to join me? hmm you’ll never regret it MARKE My Word.

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East Bali adventures

Let’s go to East Bali this time around, ready? Last time I was able to share about our Singaraja trip, and like what I shared with you every day during our trip to Bali was really full-packed and it was all worth it (just rest when you get back to your home country). So this time I’ll be sharing with you about our East Bali adventures or for some they are familiar with this tour as Lempuyang Trip. Unlike Singaraja trip we are able to visit 5 different tourist spots in one day, for this particular tour we will be visiting 3 different places such as Lempuyang Temple, Tirta Gangga and Virgin Beach.

Why only 3? Well from the tour name itself it’s visiting the East side of Bali, and from our hotel where we are staying at The Bene Hotel in Kuta Beach which is really beautiful and relaxing and will be sharing about the place next time, we need to travel for around 2 hours and 30 minutes to 3 hours by land to reach your first destination which is Lempuyang Temple. And after the long drive from Kuta Beach we have finally arrived at our destination at Lempuyang Temple were our driver/tour guide drop us off at the parking area where you will need to ride a mini jeep/coaster up the temple. Was it an easy ride going up? Hmm a little bit because the road was really steep and you need to hold on to the bars of the coaster but the view is priceless so just sit back, hold tight and enjoy the view. And once we reach the starting point of the temple you need to pay for entrances fees, rent a along to wrap around your waist so it’s as if you are wearing a skirt because you are entering a holy place which for them is very sacred and you need to abide with their rules. From their you will have to hike up the stairs and the road to see the beautiful Lempuyang Temple where you see a lot of tourist enjoying the view and the locals doing their religious practices. And if you notice my featured image and if you want to capture at the same spot, well you have to be patient because you have to line up for about an hour or even more just to wait for your turn to take your best shot for about 5 minutes or less. If you are lucky enough to capture the volcano as your background, lucky you but during our visit the clouds were covering it sadly but again it was all worth it. Then after that, you can still go up the temple because it just goes up and up depending on what you want to see and experience. So after your time in Lempuyang Temple you need to ride back the coaster towards the parking lot, and again sit back, hold tight and enjoy the view.

From there you will be travelling to Tirta Gangga which is not that far from Lempuyang Temple, and here you’ll find peace. The surroundings is just really peaceful, enjoy the view and walk through the stones at their pond and also feed the  Koi fish. There you can just relax for awhile and at the same time you can dine at the restaurants outside the temple and enjoy the local food served there and feast yourself.

And for the last tourist spot for that day, we went to Virgin Beach which is also peaceful and relaxing at the same time. This area isn’t develop yet which is good because you can still enjoy the beauty of nature and walk towards the beautiful Virgin Beach. Since this place isn’t develop yet and no hotels around the area, you can just stay here while the sun is up and swim and also enjoy the view. Just make sure to bring your swimming clothes during this trip because Virgin beach is a good place to swim while in Bali. Woooh that sums up our East Bali adventure and from Virgin Beach you have to travel again for 3 hours heading back to Kuta beach, and just relax while you’re on the road. I hope you make this part of your Bali vacation and the long trip is all worth it, MARKE MY WORD.

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Singaraja Trip

One question my friends and other people who knew about my trip in Bali was, How did you see those places in just 4 or 5 days? Well my answer was simple, if you want something you’ll make sure to do it no matter how tiring it is and no matter how hectic it will be, just go for it. It may just be short trip but nonetheless everything was squeezed in to our schedule up to the last minute, literally it was worth it til the last day of our trip. So one of our scheduled tour was called Singaraja Trip and we are able to visit 5 spots during this tour namely Aling Aling waterfalls, Wanagiri Hidden Hills, Bali Handara Gate, Ulundanu Temple and Bratan Lake.

From our hotel we were pick-up by our driver/guide and we drove to our first destination which was Ulundanu Temple and Bratan Lake, of course I was so amazed how the place was well-maintained and that’s why tourist really go here to see the beautiful scenery and at the same time relax. Take some time to roam around the place and appreciate the beauty of Bratan Lake and at the same time find the best spot and appreciate the Ulundanu Temple at the lake. See the beautiful mountains at the backdrop and if you want some more adventure then maybe try some activities to  enjoy the lake as well.

After some time we head to our next stop which was Aling Aling waterfalls, of course we are ready to swim but we didn’t expect that we need to hike just to see this beautiful place and at the same time be ready to jump… yes jump by the cliffs and falls if you are brave enough (unlike me haha) and appreciate this tour even more. There are three stages for your jump and it will really challenge yourself how brave you are and where your adrenaline rush will take you. And after seeing the 3 falls (which I thought that was it already) we had quite walk after swimming by the falls, and we were brought to the real Aling Aling Waterfalls and it was beautiful. I am really a nature lover simply because I live in the city and everyday I just see buildings, malls, etc., and every time I get to travel to places which includes this kind of tours I am just amazed. So after appreciating the waterfalls we hike up again going to the parking lot and from feeling fresh and cold, we were just sweating after that hike up, but it was worth it.

After this we went to Wanagiri Hidden Hills, and if you love taking beautiful photos and at the same time test your adrenaline you can spend some time here and ride the swing, take some photos at there cliff hanging photo spots. It was really beautiful because beneath you is the view of Bratan Lake so your fear will change into amazement.

And for the last part of this trip we headed to Bali Handara Gate and take the best photo we can have while we are enjoying the view. It was again a full-packed day and it was tiring but seeing those beautiful places and having that experience will leave you amazed and feel so accomplished upon your return to your hotel to relax for the night. Would I recommend this tour? Yes, definitely. It was an experience any tourist should have when you visit Bali. I don’t know, but if you’ll ask me was Bali beautiful and will it keep you coming back for more? Yes, for sure because it has a lot to offer, the people are friendly, the budget ain’t gonna hurt your pocket and at the same time you get to feel the culture and appreciate the beauty of God’s wonderful creation. How I love Bali, Indonesia and I can’t wait to go back and explore it more. MARKE MY WORD.

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Breathtaking Nusa Penida Island

Like what they say, once a year go somewhere you’ve never been before and you’ll just end up surprising yourself what that place has in-store for you. As for me and my friends, we decided to go to Bali, Indonesia and yes it was the right choice. And on top of my list of place/s to visit was Nusa Penida Island, was I happy? WELL happy is an understatement because I was just amazed, mesmerised, fell in love with the beauty of this island in Bali.

Nusa Penida Island is around 45 minutes to an hour of boat ride from the island of Bali and you’ll arrive in their port, and along with other tourists there area lot of guides who will drive you around this amazing island visit several points for you to capture the best shot you cab ever have and be amazed of how beautiful this creation of God is, its just breathtaking for me and my friends. We chose to visit, Angel’s Billabong, Broken Beach, Crystal Bay/Beach, and the best one for me, Kelingking Cliff and Beach.

I was just crying inside to see it in person because it was just surreal to be there and see it and have your moment at the cliff and seat for a “death defying” picture hehe but you just have to be careful when you sit and stay still to be safe. But again it was just amazing for me and my friends, we really wanted to go down the beach but the hike is an hour going down and so another hour going up, so due to our limited time we can’t do it so I told myself I’ll do it next time.

The island maybe not yet developed that time but they are already starting to develop the roads because its really bumpy and if you’re afraid of cliffs, don’t look at the sides while your at the car but as for me, it was super fun. Thanks to our driver/guide who really made sure we see all the spots we chose for the said tour and was able to share to us his best knowledge about the island.

Was it worth it? YES! Should you just have a day tour? NO! because if I were you stay at least a night in the island to enjoy it more or even 2 nights because there are other spots to see and visit. But if you have limited time, well a day tour will be ok but make sure to go there as early as you can and take the last trip back to Bali as well so that you can maximise your stay in the beautiful island. Will I go back? Yes yes yes! because there’s a lot to see and experience in the island. I hope you visit Nusa Penida Island and be able to enjoy it as much as we did. MARKE MY WORD 🙂

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til the next one!

SEOUL cool

Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, which was believed to derived from the word Seorabeol (Hangul: 서라벌), which originally referred to Gyeongju, the capital of Silla (wikipedia). It is indeed a well-loved travel destination for Filipinos, not just because they are fascinated with Koreanovelas but also because of the fascinating tourist spots that this beautiful city has to offer. And aside from that, if you’re like me who loves Samgyeopsal and other Korean dishes, you should really include it on your travel bucket list. And here in my “SEOUL cool” blog, I’ll try to share with you my experiences from how I acquire my tourist visa and so on and so forth.

When me and my friends planned this trip, the first thing that came to my mind was “Visa country again”. And as a Filipino Passport holder, we all know how it is when you’re going to a county that requires you to have a Tourist Visa before you can enter their country, and you just have to collect all the documents and submit it to a travel agency or directly at the Embassy (depending on the country). In my case, I chose to process my Korean Visa through Travelpros (because they are the one where me and my family got our Japan Visa processed) which is located at SM Megamall, 5th floor, building B. It is better that you get the list of requirements first and complete everything (as in everything please) before going there so that you can have your application process right away.  So once I was able complete my requirements I submitted it right away to Travelpros, along with my payment and waited for the result for around 2 weeks if I remember correctly, and ta-da I got approved and was able to start planning our trip.

During my visit with my closest friends in this beautiful city, we were surprised… surprised by the very cold weather because we are expecting an autumn feel kind of weather but to our surprise it feels like Winter! And not only that, we also experienced  snowfall, amazing! Because we are not expecting this kind of weather, our clothes weren’t ready as well haha good thing I was able to pack my thermal clothes from Uniqlo (it somehow worked). And as we traveled by train heading to Myeongdong station, where our hotel is located, it was freezing cold as we step out of the train station and we just ran towards our hotel (my photo was taken at the rooftop of our hotel, it was freezing cold) where at first we couldn’t locate it and then as we ask around we found it! And once we got our room keys and head towards our room we changed our clothes right away to suit the cold weather outside as we start exploring it.

First destination, well why go far if you can just roam around Myeongdong for our first day and see what this shopping and food haven has to offer. And before we went around, we have to fill our hungry tummy first and why not have our first Samgyeopsal. And we just ordered the meat that we like with its delicious Korean side dishes. Yummy!!! and after filling our tummy, we went around Myeongdong, did some shopping of food and other products and search also for other cafes and restaurants where we can eat the following days. If you love beauty products, especially Korean brands, make sure to wear your most comfortable shoes because they are tons of stores that you can go to and shop, and also get some freebies if you’re lucky enough. You can also find branded stores from clothings, to shoes, to souvenirs and a lot more. If you are fond of K-pop artist you can also find some stores that sells souvenirs of your favourite K-pop group and more. If you’re not fond of street shopping, there are also malls around the Myeondong area where you can choose to shop and also underground shopping stores (perfect if you’re not a winter weather kind of person) because you’ll have a warmer weather down there and yet enjoy a lot stores.

As much as we want to stay til Midnight and do more shopping around Myeongdong but we have an early tour the next day so we have to head back to our hotel and get enough rest. And that being said, on my next piece I will share with you all where we went and how was my experience seeing those tourist spots in Seoul. If you have questions, feel free to message me and maybe I can be of help to your Korean trip. Til the next one… Marke My Word!

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it will TOKYO-speechless

It is my 3rd time to visit Japan, and AGAIN it didn’t fail to surprise me and make me feel excited to explore what Tokyo has in-store for me and my family. To be in such a beautiful City (Tokyo) and in my favorite country (Japan) to travel, is just surreal just like my first travel to Osaka. Tokyo is indeed vibrant, modern, alive and a lot more, but it will always has a touch of what Japan is way back in time. What makes it more special this time is that my sister joined us in this trip, and just like any first-timers you will just be amazed. To make it also more comfortable for my parents, we got the assistance of a travel agency in the Philippines to provide us with a tour packages so that we wont need to ride trains and walk through the stairs and a lot more, which is advisable for those who have parents or family members having a hard time climbing those stairs and unending walks. I would really suggest that you join this kind of tours when you are with your parents because it will make them enjoy the exploration even more and be able to relax along the way.

Why do i love exploring cities in Japan? Well, why not! It’s almost perfect or somehow perfect already, from tourists spots, food, friendly locals, shopping, transportation and a lot more. Enjoy the modern Tokyo by visiting the tourists spots in Tokyo like Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza, Akihibara and a lot more. See the Tokyo Tower and go up the viewing deck and see Tokyo from the top. See the famous Hachiko Monument and take a picture with the famous man’s bestfriend. After which you can already start shopping for you and your loved ones, from the latest gadgets, beauty products and latest in fashion, name it you can find it. Going upscale, let Ginza mesmerize you and splurge your heart out. Hungry? Shinjuku is surrounded with a lot of restaurants and bars for you to enjoy from morning til dawn. And all of this places and a lot more, can be easily access by their AMAZING train system.

Go out of town and be speechless with the beauty of Mt. Fuji, getting to the 5th station might be a little long but the travel is worth the wait and really a must to see. Just seeing Mt. Fuji from a far is a check on the bucket list but going up the 5th station is another experience. And if you are up too some thrill, there’s a theme park before going up the 5th station, which is another way to see and enjoy the beauty of Mt. Fuji, by riding there roller-coasters.

Does it sound exciting already? Well, There’s a lot more to see and experience in Tokyo and i will share it again in my next blog, so be sure to wait for it. I will also share my Seoul experience next time.